Did you know that Cincinnati considered hip that you see a lot of millennials are starting to move to Cincinnati? With their craft beer scene, different art galleries, and museums. Things like that are opening, and the art scene is beginning to thrive again.

Great American Ballpark

On Number 1 in our list of  Things to Do in Cincinnati is the Great American Ball Park. Previously, the two professional sports teams in Cincinnati, the Reds (baseball) and the Bengals (football) shared a stadium. Still, in the late 1990s, as the old facility proved insufficient. Both built their stadium, nearly one side by side. The new one was named Great American Ballpark in honor of its sponsor, an insurance group. Introduced in 2003.

You have to take a tour to understand that it is brand new. The exterior is beautiful, much more graceful than the big Bengals stadium. We planned to go to see a game but the entry was costly, and frankly, the Reds are not my favorite baseball team. However, we visited the area, including the gift shop and the team’s Hall of Fame. The surroundings have urbanized correctly, and it was nice to walk there while appreciating the statues adorning the parks. In short, it is a first-class sports facility.

great-american-ballpark-home-of-the-cincinnati-reds-baseball-team | things to do in Cincinnati

Carew tower

As a matter of fact, Carew Tower is the Tallest Building in Cincinnati. It will be at least for a few years because the Great American insurance company will introduce its new headquarters in front of the Ohio River. The Building built in the 1930s and the Great Depression hampered its construction. That’s why the typical art decorations of this Building stop on the first floor. The rest of the tower built with bricks from the outside. Therefore, quite austere. It is a mixed-use skyscraper, as it houses a Hilton chain hotel, offices, and accommodations.

It is a large portion of various volumes, quite showy and reminiscent of the Empire State. Its interior is more luxurious, with an elegant decor of art deco. On the 49th floor, there is a paying mirador from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the River Ohio. This Building is one of the main attractions and one of the must Things to Do in Cincinnati .

moon-and-carew-tower-cincinnati | things to do in Cincinnati

Paul Brown Stadium

This large waterfront stadium in Cincinnati opened in 2010. It is home to the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFL, and the American Football League. The outer appearance is very modern. Here, it is called “the Jungle,” about the Bengali Tigers. It located across the Ohio River. It features a slick design and combines seamlessly with the town, open to views of midtown to the north west and the Ohio River to the southwest.

In 2002, within a business rareness, the scene was singled out by both of the country’s premier architecture publications, Architectural Record and Architecture. The 2 tales came on the heels of PBS getting the 2001 Merit Award by the American Institute of Architects . It marked the first time that an NFL stadium received the award from the prestigious AIA. This is a definitely a thing do in Cincinnati. 

pual brown stadium | things to do in Cincinnati

Fountain Square

Cincinnati is an atypical American city. In the heart of Cincinnati, there is Fountain Square, a large fountain in classic style. Around it, you can see bars with terraces and the best restaurants in town. Guided tour or not, coming to Cincinnati without exploring this place is missing out on an important features. The Fountain Square of Cincinnati is a central meeting place in the city where people can drink coffee outside in the summer. And the skate on the ice rink in winter and avoid the constraints of offices and apartments.

Fountain Square | things to do in Cincinnati
Fountain Square | things to do in Cincinnati
Fountain Square | things to do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati skyline and the John A. Roebling suspension bridge

This huge bridge over the Ohio River unites Cincinnati with Covington. In its day, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, a marvel of engineering 1856. One of the things that call your attention is a large number of cables that contribute to its suspension. The bridge has a pedestrian path and is advised to cross it through a beautiful walk to get excellent views of the river. Must to watch place there. You can enjoy the Night At the view of the Cincinnati Skyline. These are the must to do things in Cincinnati.

cincinnati-skyline-and-the-john-a-roebling-suspension-bridge-and-sky-wheel | things to do in Cincinnati

Covenant First Presbyterian Church

This historic building, located in downtown Cincinnati is a Presbyterian church dating from the second half of the 19th century. His dominant style is Neo-Gothic and made of carved stone. It is a cathedral of considerable size; The interior is gorgeous. It has Incredible woodwork and stained glass windows. It is located near St Peters & Chains as well as the Isaac M Wise Temple. Unfortunately, it always closed. If you are planning to visit it.  You must check the worship schedules. Service starts at 10:30, with fellowship time after that. This is must Things to Do & visit in Cincinnati.

Covenant First Presbyterian Church

City Hall of Cincinnati

One of the most surprising monuments in Cincinnati is the City Hall. You can find in this city historical buildings, houses and also a campanile of Venice. The City Hall is a magnificent building made of granite and stone, which is ofcourse an architectural style inspired by the Roman art of the south of France, Europe. 

Like the old Romanesque churches, the construction made with large blocks of stone that immediately gives a massive and substantial appearance. Furthermore, This building also has a steeple that is of Italian influence with cylindrical towers at the corners. The outside of the building itself is stunning and almost reminiscent of Music Hall and many of the city’s older establishments.

city hall

St Peter’s Cathedral in Chains

St. Peter in Chains Cathedral is Your Top Catholic temple in Cincinnati as well as the Chair of its archbishopric. It was Constructed from the Greek Revival design and will be the Cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati. On the other hand, as the foundation laid in May of 1841,” it’s an active Hellenistic fashion construction. The very same attributes are evident in the interior. It needs to mention; the crucifix is ​​from Renaissance professor Benvenuto Cellini. Besides, It’s a gorgeous church or quite an odd appearance in the USA, where the vast majority of temples tend to imitate Gothic artwork.

In other words,This church has a unique beauty that is unlike any other church. The main sanctuary area is gigantic,  moreover ceiling, and accents of the walls covered in golden inlays in the cathedral. Indeed on each side are beautiful columns that frame the space.

6- St Peter's Cathedral in Chains | things to do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Reds Store

Merchandising is a perspective that has never ignored in American professional sports.  As you would expect, the Cincinnati Reds baseball team has its gift shop where you can buy everything from posters to books. Couples with Gloves, pants, or t-shirts. Above all, it is a very new and well-mounted store, located in a building attached to the Great American Ballpark. While buying anything, it’s worth taking a look.

red store | things to do in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in Cincinnati

Firstyly, The Cincinnati Zoo recently ranked as the #1 attraction among local attractions. It has been recognized by Parents magazine as #7 in the “Top 10 Best Kids Zoos.” Second, The world-famous Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden opened to the public 140 decades back. More than a million people visit this zoo, which has won awards for several exhibitions and has more than 500 animals and 3000 plant species. Not to mention, the zoo is so extensive, and there are so many cool things in this zoo. The most notable is housed Harambe. However, my favorite part of the zoo is the reptile house. And you can see Fiona and then have her ice cream at Graeter’s afterward!


What about s
omething more to have explore in the the city?

So there’s that, there’s a lot of other like beer halls and you know places where you can get barbecue and of course an excellent year ice cream. Other than tha it’s just a vibrant place to go that has nightlife, and undoubtedly a lot of the cool people are hanging out.

In addition, they have different light up structures. You know some fountains come out from the ground that is lit up. There’s different there’s like a playground that they built for kids. That’s kind of has these different cool contraptions and things you can investigate. Surprisingly, it’s just overall a very nice clean and in scenic kind of park. It’s nice to explore and just have it be right there by the river is just so so nice because you get all the buildings in the background all lit up and it’s just a very calm it’s not too busy around there. 

In other words. it’s just a good treat, equally important for Cincinnati locals and it can be for you too if you decide to tour there. So definitely check out Small riverfront park. Now to round out this list, this also feeds into the previous suggestion. So when you’re by smell riverfront park, what you’re going to want to do afterward is walk John a rope league suspension bridge. Now not only is this bridge nice, but it feeds right into downtown Cincinnati which is convenient obviously and allows you to walk across the river to the Kentucky side.