The administrative capital of Indiana, the city is recognized as the world capital of motorsport. With its famous “Motor speedway”, the largest sports arena in the world and one of the best things to do in Indianapolis. All sports combined (400,000 spectators), Indianapolis is resolutely turned towards the sport. As for visits, almost everything is concentrated on its pleasant city center. The rest, like many cities in the united states, is a huge, rather modest suburb.

Immerse Yourself in the Atmosphere of the Indy 500

The entire Midwest gathered in the stands of “Motor Speedway” to find out who, of all the American and international racers on the track. You also can drink the bottle of milk, synonymous with victory at the end of this Dantesque 500-mile race. More than the race itself  it is the folklore that we come to appreciate at the Indy 500.The thousands of caravans that settle around the circuit, the overflight by military aircraft, the “Star-Spangled Banner ”.

Which resonates the“ tailgating ”(drinking or eating in the back of a vehicle) or even the young revelers who come to unleash themselves in the “ Snakepit ”. A  surreal electro-music festival held at the centre of the circuit during the race. Moreover the music is so loud that festival-goers barely hear the noise of cars spinning more than 370 km/hr around them.

How does it Looks

Everything is metallic (bleachers, safety rails, etc.) and one has the impression of entering an arena of gladiators. The place can be visited for free and is on West 16th Street south of the circuit. In fact, we access the centre of the “Speedway” and we measure the immensity of the place. There you will find a museum ($ 5 entry), a souvenir shop and lots of information on upcoming races.

With a little luck, you will be able to see racing cars spinning because of almost all year tests take place. Finally, be aware that the queen test of Indianapolis remains 500 miles. which displaces 400,000 spectators each year with sometimes more than 1 million ticket requests.

The rest of the year racing fans should stop by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The museum dedicated to the history of this legendary race. Equally the Red Bull Air Race is another highlight not to be missed.

Things to Do in Indianapol 2020is

Go Down a “shrimp Cocktail” in St Elmo Indianapolis

It is an essential restaurant in Indianapolis St Elmo (127 S. Illinois St. “Downtown” steakhouse, is one of the oldest restaurants in town. Founded in 1902, the restaurant serves delicious pieces of meat in a woody atmosphere that evokes the beginning of the 20th century. In addition to the ribeyes we go there to test the crayfish cocktail. Which makes the reputation of the establishment. Be careful, this one is particularly spicy.

An establishment popular with wealthy businessmen and other notable Indianapolis in the last century. It has stood the test of time and the growing offer of restaurants that have flourished in the city centre. After the feast head west for a short digestive walk along the canals of White River State Park (801 W Washington St).

Go Down a “shrimp Cocktail” in St Elmo

Take Your Bike to visit indianapolis

Good news in Things to Do in Indianapolis: you won’t necessarily need to rent a car to get around. In addition to its shared Blue Indy cars (thank you Bolloré). The city, very flat, has bet the little queen. It offers a free bike-sharing service ( Pacers Bikeshare ) as well as different routes that allow the whole family to easily and pleasantly discover the neighbourhoods by bicycle.

The 12 km long Indianapolis Cultural Trail is probably the most popular and useful. It connects various emblematic neighbourhoods of Indy such as Fountain Square (below) and Mass Ave, the city’s gay district and high place for going out. No to mention this path is connected to others.

Take your bike

Bowling in Fountain Square

“Indy” is no longer the agricultural town it used to be. In recent years, a young and hipster population in search of cheap rents has settled in the city. A good part of them is found in the Fountain Square area, south of Downtown. Our recommendation for a good start to the day: Bluebeard (653 Virginia Ave), a farm-to-table restaurant housed in a former warehouse in 1924.

It is named after a novel by Kurt Vonnegut. The famous writer from Indianapolis to which we owe some masterpieces of American literature such as Catch 22. Additionally here the menu is based on products from local farmers and breeders. Another must-see stop: the Fountain Square Theater Building (1105 Prospect Street), a surprising theater from the second half of the 19th century.

Spend a Friday and you will likely meet dozens of swingers in colorful clothes practicing their dance steps in the main hall. As well as the building also houses a vintage bowling alley. A games room and even a hotel. The icing on the cake: a bar-rooftop was installed at the top of the building for a drink while admiring the downtown buildings.


Go Green on the Monon Trail of Indianapolis

It is one of the many cycling routes offered by the city of Indianapolis. The Monon Trail, a distance of 41 km, all the same, takes you to the northern suburbs starting from the city. Don’t hesitate to take a break in one of the many breweries and restaurants available to you along the way.

In Carmel, one of the towns on the Monon. You will particularly appreciate the Union Brewery Company (622 S Rangeline Rd Ste Q, Carmel), a brewery renowned for its experimental beers with a spacious and rustic terrace.

We advise you to go to the city of Carmel and return to Indianapolis if you want to take care of yourself. Also note the presence near the Monon of the Gallery Pastry Shop (1101 E 54th Street, Suite G). It’s a little treasure that serves very good pastries and brunch dishes. These are made with local ingredients like the herbs that grow in the restaurant’s vegetable patch. The open kitchen also ensures the spectacle.

Cool in a Museum

To find out where you set foot, head to the Indiana State Museum, a short walk from downtown. Equally important this museum recounts in a fun way the history of Indiana, 19th American State. However its inhabitants who have been called “Hoosiers” since the 19th century.

If you have children there are 10,000 places to go to. Then Indianapolis is home to the largest children’s museum in the workd. It is named as The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Founded in the 1920s. It presents a series of exhibitions and activities related to history, dinosaurs, science, and world cultures.

The art lovers Should  head to the Indiana Museum of Arts / Newfields, which exhibits works by American (Georgia O’Keefe, Hopper…) and European (Picasso, Cézanne…) artists. The museum has superb gardens where it is good to take a nap and think about the passage of time. You will need it after this long weekend of discovery. Remember to consult the museum’s program to see the exhibitions, outdoor night projections and other activities that take place there throughout the year.

Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium

For fans of US football, Indianapolis is home to one of the biggest teams in the NFL championship, that of the Colts ( ). As
the matches take place in the incredible Lucas Oil Stadium, which can be visited for $ 7 ( ).

Fully covered, it can accommodate 70,000 spectators, truly impressive (500 South Capitol Avenue). For those who do not wish to visit it, go to the Colts’ shop anyway, to measure the enthusiasm and passion that there is around this sport in the USA (10 minutes walk from Monument Circle).

Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium

Saint John Church

Also in the center of Indy once is not custom (there is something for everyone). Here is a church to visit: Saint John Church. With its airs of Walt Disney cathedral ( ), dominated by two impressive towers, it is sumptuous. According to locals it is part of the “Downtown” landscape and they are very attached to it.

Union State Indianapolis

Union Station is one of the oldest stations in the country (1853) and one of the best thing to do in indianapolis. As can be seen it is beautiful and recognizable from a distance. Because it is built entirely of red bricks. It is also classified as a historic monument and is located on Jackson Place. Its particularity is in its tower, which looks a little like “Big Ben”.