In this blog, I’m going to talk about the Top 14 things do in Naperville, Illinois. So stay tuned to find out.
OK, you’re trying to research where to go, trying to find that perfect spot for yourself and your family. And you’re just trying to get a better idea of what the vibe is here in certain areas in Chicago.
Well, I’ve come up with the 19 things to know about Naperville that I’ve received questions about and read on my own that will help you make that decision.

Downtown Naperville

Number 14 on my list is downtown Naperville with its award-winning Riverwalk, fantastic shopping, restaurants, nightlife. It should be in your top things to do in things do in Naperville, li. It is the place to be for the holidays and decorated from head to toe with lights. It’s a fantastic festival in the summer. And the only problem or downside, I would say, is the parking, because that’s where everybody wants to be.

So it’s tough to get parking on the weekends and major holidays or events, but Naperville is known for solving its problems. So we have tough talks here. There are three-wheeled taxicabs, and they’ll pick you up anywhere within the surrounding subdivisions if you’re looking to get downtown and don’t want to deal with all the hassle of finding a parking spot.


High School Rivalry

Number 13 on my list is the high school rivalry. We have five high schools and one private school; those six schools like to compete. I mean, the North Central Football Games held at the local College Park, the stadium or Bonzi as well.

You also have Matier and Bennett. They are white—the rivalry here in Naperville, not only with athletics but also with musical bands. There’s quite the competition, and the school spirit is prevalent here in the city.

Naperville the Sports Town

The number 12 on my list, Naperville, is a sports town with stuff for all ages to do, not only the kiddos but the adults through the community park district. There’s plenty of leaves to plan from adults softball to adult basketball and many different organizations to join and play to choose from for youth sports.

I drove my parents nuts driving all around town when I was a kid, anywhere from the YMCA to Naperville Park District Private Travel Leagues here in Naperville. There’s something for every athlete to do.

Naperville the Sports Town

The Musical Naperville

Number 11; Did I say Naperville was a sports top? I met it’s a music town from singing, dancing, choir, band, orchestra. The school systems are fantastic at providing resources. Along with that, we have the Naperville Municipal Band that performs at the old bandshell.
But it’s brand new because they did it. We also have North Central College. Wentz Hall, located right in downtown and the Naperville Park District, has a magical Starlite Theatre.

Headphones on music sheet

Art’s town

Number Ten on my list, Naperville, il Art’s town. It has Art all over the city, from the sculptures to the murals painted on the local buildings. It is incredible to go and look at all the artwork.
The Naperville Downtown Alliance every year has organizations paint and decorate sculptures. In the last four years, they’ve done book benches, dogs, and dragons, and they are fantastic to go check out.

Naperville Art League

The Naperville Art League also sponsors the Riverwalk Fine Arts for showcasing phenomenal pieces of Art from local artists and artists around the world.

Celebrities of Naperville

All right, number 9 on the list, because Naperville has such dedication to its athletics, music, and arts. We’ve had quite a few local celebrities here, including but not limited to Candace Parker, WNBA MVP, Gold Medal Award winner. Also, Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, and Super Bowl champion Evan Lysacek.
He was the twenty-ten gold medal winner at the Olympics for ice skater Bob Odenkirk famous actor. And on the Disney Channel, Danielle and Katie Pennebaker’s.

Celebrities of Naperville

Naperville Festival Scene

OK, lucky number 8 on the list, the Naperville Illinois festival scene, a quick fitting for the Naperville Jaycees, the volunteer an philanthropic organization that I’ve been volunteering for since I got out of college Naperville.

They last in downtown Naperville, a four-day festival over Labor Day weekend, every year with concerts, carnival, family, fun land, plenty to eat, competitions, and a local business expo.

And how could I forget the summer and the winter fest? One hundred fifty craft brews, bonfire pits, live music, and plenty of food trucks.

Naperville Festival Scene

Vibes of Naperville

We are moving on to number 7, the vibe of Naperville. People are generally pretty nice here. We don’t have the West Coast’s laid back feel, and we don’t have the hustle and bustle of the East Coast. We’re right somewhere in the middle.

So if you’re looking for business, you can find it. If you’re looking for pleasure, you can see that to one of my preferences.

Vibe of Naperville

Miniature Naperville The Safety Town

Number Five; If you were ever driving around the city, you know what I’m talking about, Right! But there’s a miniature sized scale version of Naperville called Safety Town.

And the Naperville Junior Women’s Club raised funds in the early 90s so that it could open up in June 1996. Your five and six-year-olds need to learn about stranger danger, train and car safety, call 911 once, and much more.

And it’s cool because all the kids ride a few wheels around this miniature town and learn all about how to be safe.

Miniature NapervilMiniature Naperville The Safety Townle The Safety Town

Dog Parks

All right. Number Four on the list. Naperville’s a very dog-friendly city with several dog parks in and around the city, including the Green Valley Forest Preserve, its 16 acres just for your dogs with separate sections for small, medium, and large dogs. It’s cool. I should go check it out, including with that.

As to Boston’s pet store right downtown Naperville, they organized community dog walks and get-togethers. Also, plenty of stores downtown Naperville put up bowls and treats for your dogs. And there are several bars where you can bring your dog to and zip out of rescue.

Winter of Naperville

Number Three on the list. That brings us to the winter weather. Yes, it snows here. Did I mention it snows here when I was a kid? I remember shoveling snow into the street, waiting for the bus to come in hopes that it would cause the snow never actually to work.

But no worries. Life still goes on here. Unfortunately for all the kids, we have an army of plows because they don’t get as many snow days as they probably would in other areas.

In addition to that, the iconic SLED Hill is Rotary Hill, right downtown Naperville with the backdrop of the Millennium Tower. That’s where all the kids go to sleep here. And it’s a whole lot of fun for the family.

Great Food Town

Number Two, Chicago’s been the capital of food here in America for years, which has trickled out to the suburbs. And Naperville is a great food town with over two hundred and fifty restaurants. We have food from literally all over the world, Asian food, European food, South American food, and some of the best Chicago style hot dogs, hamburgers, and roast beef you can find anywhere.

I almost forgot Chicago style deep dish pizza. We have like half a dozen, if not more than that restaurants who serve deep-dish style pizza here, along with Neapolitan pizza, are many other types.

Pizza is the best here in Chicago. and this city doesn’t fall short.

Breweries and Distilleries

Number one, the craft breweries and distilleries, has a couple, including some brewery. And right across the parking lot, two full Cytori, most recently.

Sixty-four wine bar and Red Arrow Taproom opened up. It’s like an amusement park for adults. I mean, you walk up the kiosks and either pour yourself a glass of wine or sample beer whenever you want. How often you want.

Breweries and Distilleries

That’s all from my side for now. Do you know and want me to add more places? Then tell me your recommendations in the comment section :)