True capital of the New Age since the 1980s and the discovery of energy “vortexes”, the city of Sedona, surrounded by its rocky spires, its flat mesas and its mounds carved out of red limestone, has nothing to envy other national parks. There is no reason that all of them should not be in your list of Things to do in sedona.

The region of Sedona, which has been used as a filming location for many films, is full of curiosities and more than a hundred hiking trails are referenced there. This wealth makes it the second tourist destination of Arizona, just behind the Grand Canyon.

Sedona city is home to many hotels, boutiques and shops. There are also many art galleries, the city has attracted, since the mid-20th century, many painters, such as Max Ernst, Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton and George Phippen.

Finally, dozens of tour operators will be happy, for a few dollars, to take you on an excursion to discover these famous vortexes, take 4 × 4 or horse rides, or fly over the region in a hot air balloon …

things to do in sedona

Sedona Trolley

Firstly, in the list of things to do in sedona is time to hop on the Sedona trolley. The buzz of uptown Sedona. You can find just about anything. Shirts, a snag, a little scenery, even a seat aboard one popular trolley. Probably the best first thing to do in Sedona. It’s just a great way to get started. If you’re here for just a day, you can spend a couple of hours with us and get a real good idea about what’s going on in the whole town here. You just got here.

You have a full week to spend. You could do a tour with us early in your stay. At an excellent idea about where everything is here in town and how you want to spend the rest of your week here. They do a couple of different tours that take it all the best places in town. The Sedona Highlights Tour highlights the whole south side of the city like a park. The gallery district is going to stop out at the famous chapel of the Holy Cross.

Then onboard the same trial

we head out west out into the beautiful countryside of Boynton Long Canyons, providing service to the encampment resort. We do a couple of photo tours out in the country out there. Just a beautiful trip out to show you. The beautiful red rocks out west of town. Look at the big red rock wall. Straight out to the last carrot that is called the cattle.

Trolleys are authentic Bolly trolleys. They’re built in a gun, quit, made by a boat building family back there. Genuine brass and oak interiors. Open-air. A beautiful way to see Saadoun on a beautiful day like this. Just a comfortable, great way to see the whole community.

People say trolleys had a lot of different communities. They always bring a smile to your face. So when they see a trolley here and sit down, it brings a smile on their face, and they want to get on and see what it’s all about.

Sedona Trolly

Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona

You know, to quote Golf Digest, there is no golf in the Grand Canyon. But if there were. Be right here in the resort. It was unique and special about the resort. Golf Resort is, you know, from the first tee box, you’re playing it about thirty-six hundred feet. As you continue to play farther, farther into the golf course, you get hired higher and reaching our top hole number ten at forty-two hundred feet above sea level as you play the golf course. The view’s just become better and better and better, as do the holes.

identically, the golf course is such that the green surrounds and the green complexes make the golf course challenging. We do have banned grass greens. So from a playability standpoint, they’re perfect. But you have to make sure that you leave the ball in the right position. Otherwise, you’re going to have some very challenging up and down shots. And at the same time, you may hit the green. But because of the undulations of the green, you may not be able to get the ball down, too.

Have a fantastic golf shot

It’s about a thousand square feet. It has an incredible lineup of men’s apparel, ladies apparel, golf clubs in Sedona, memorabilia that you can’t find in any other golf shop in America. We always invite all of our golfers to come on in and enjoy a cocktail or an appetizer after their round as the sunsets. Even the wives who are seen at a local resort nearby for them to come on over.

Also if they’re not golfers; They can still come over and enjoy the beautiful sunset, have a drink, relax on the terrace and wait for your husband to get off the course and come on. Sedona Golf Resort is very playable.

Likewise it is a resort-style golf course, so it doesn’t beat you up too bad. Reasonably wide fairways, good-sized greens. They do have some pace to them. So you have to be careful there. And the Greens do get pretty quick. But, you know, we have all levels of tee boxes.

I mean, anywhere from sixty-seven hundred to challenge the big hitters to even thirty-two hundred. We introduced a new set of Red Rock and tees for not only juniors but also beginning golfers, just trying to make the game easier and bring more people back to the game.

Whether you’re looking for an epic round of golf, a place to host a wedding or corporate event, or just come up and have a glass of wine with some friends and enjoy the sunsets, Sedona Golf Resort is a must-visit.

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

Chapel of the Holy Cross is a church located south of the city, along the AZ179, at the end of Chapel Road. You can park below and reach the chapel by a small path, or park as close as possible to the chapel for the less courageous.

This spectacular chapel, built in 1956, with very modern architecture, is perfectly integrated into its environment, despite its 76 meters high. Planted at the top of a hill overlooking the south of the Sedona region, it offers a superb panorama of the surroundings.
A visit to the interior of the building is possible.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Cathedral Rock of Sedona

The Red Rock Canyon area in just outside of Sedona, Arizona. A Must thing to do in Sedona is the Cathedral Rock Trail. It’s very short but one of the reasons why you should be doing this hike today is because you got to admit that looks cool to hike up. So a lot of casual hikers come here, do this hike.

Let’s get started. It’s a very well-maintained trail and It’s extremely kid-friendly. If you are here on a weekend, so you will probably see you a bunch of kids and families. Not that’s great. As you know, Sedona is on the way towards Flagstaff. Closer to Flagstaff than Phoenix, and thunderstorm is building up because it’s the afternoon. But you could say people why I say why people come here. Look at this is gorgeous. And in a very short period, you know, you’re experiencing some of the really pretty area’s hiking has to offer.

Moreover you could see a lot of people just doing the terrible hiking along. It gets pretty steep from at some point and that’s probably where. It gets really fun. Trails are well marked, you can see that’s the scramble up. But such a short hike, you get to see all the wealthy retired hippies. But more importantly, the canyons and. Cliff’s beautiful here. Onward and upward there’s the trail. You can see some people on it, as the Parking lots right down there.

Remember, point seven miles

You go up about a hundred feet. That’s no small task. Finally, see the tops of these plateaus. They’re cool. The views are incredible. Pretty awesome. You’ve got to take care of yourself. Do yourself a favor. Bring some water. Make sure your kids are OK. Kids were away from their parents. Parents, stay close to your kids. If they’ve never scramble before, they don’t know what this is like.

It’s not easy, especially for an experienced people. Just great. I’ll see you like this again. When you get to that first ridge, just one more small inclined class to maybe a few spots of three, but pretty safe for about everybody to do it, do it.

This one’s for hanging out myself in the middle school at that four-point seven. What are the views coming down from the top part? And of course, why you’re doing this the whole time that you view this terror war. Let’s see if I can. Back to the first summit. Pretty cool, you get views from both sides. Not now. I thought there’d be more flowers, but apparently not.

Again, this is a great hike. Even so short with kids. Highly recommended even for the game enthusiast extraordinaire, day hiker.

Cathedral Rock

Visit Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

Devil’s Bridge is the most popular trail in Sedona, Arizona, and the trailhead is located about five minutes outside of town on Dry Creek Road.

I highly recommend you get to the trailhead. Early is only about 50 spots and they fill up super quick on the weekends from the trailhead. It’s about a 4-mile roundtrip hike with five hundred feet of elevation. Most of this hike is walking into. If you have a high clearance, 4 wheel drive car, you can drive closer to Devil’s Bridge, making it about a one and a half-mile trail. But I definitely wouldn’t recommend you do this without a high clearance.

Good off-roading vehicle. Plus hiking the road is not that bad as it’s pretty flat and there are some great views of the surrounding mountains. This is the cut off for Devil’s Bridge. That direction. If you have four-wheel drive, this is the official, Sarah, the trailhead.

Three-quarters of a mile, the devil’s bridge from here, the trail is pretty easy to follow as it’s really well-traveled here, basically just going up towards the mountains. This is also where the trail gains most of its elevation and there’s not a lot of shade, so if you’re going anytime when it’s hot. Be sure to start really early as if you don’t it be pretty miserable out there.

As you get closer to the bridge

The trail becomes a set of steep stairs to gain the elevation needed to get you to the top. We may have the Devil’s Bridge but the devil’s bridge is truly impressive as it’s a large sandstone arch that’s over 50 feet tall and 40 feet wide. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can walk out on the arch for a picture, and it’s actually not as bad as it looks when you get out there. Of course, if you choose to do this, be sure you’re careful.

On the way back, there’s a small spur trail that goes under the bridge. Make sure you hike and meet the bride before you leave.


Soldier Pass Cave

This hike is a great one as many spurs lead to all sorts of trails, caves and viewpoints. But the main reason people go is for the Devil’s Kitchen, which is a massive sinkhole only about a quarter-mile from the trailhead. It’s worth checking out if you can find a parking spot and if you continue, coupled with you can go to the seven sacred pools, which were of religious importance to many Native American tribes in which many spiritual vortex seekers still go to today.

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive goes up the canyon of the Oak Creek river and there are many viewpoints to admire the landscape. The canyon is particularly deep and narrow in some places. Further, we cross a green area, composed of oaks and pines, fed by the Oak Creek which flows all year round.

This most spectacular part is located 15 miles north of Sedona, up to the switchbacks that go up on the rim of the canyon. Just after, an area was developed, Oak Creek Canyon Vista, with several views of Oak Creek Canyon and also some stalls of jewelry and local items held by Indians.

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive goes up the canyon of the Oak Creek river and there are many viewpoints to admire the landscape. The canyon is particularly deep and narrow in some places. Further, we cross a green area, composed of oaks and pines, fed by the Oak Creek which flows all year round. This most spectacular part is located 15 miles north of Sedona, up to the switchbacks that go up on the rim of the canyon. Just after, an area was developed, Oak Creek Canyon Vista, with several views of Oak Creek Canyon and also some stalls of jewelry and local items held by Indians.

Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park Located north of Sedona, along the AZ89A, Slide Rock State Park protects part of Oak Creek Canyon, dug by the small river of the same name. The mixture of the red of the imposing walls of the canyon and the green of the vegetation offers a bucolic and relaxing setting.

From the parking lot, a path, along which agricultural tools of the pioneers installed here at the beginning of the 20th century are exposed, goes up Oak Creek Canyon and leads to Oak Creek. Eventually you can then continue along the river or swim (or just dip your feet for the more chilly) in the stream, which forms many natural slides at this location.

In very hot weather, there can be a lot of people. Access is chargeable ($ 10, $ 20 or $ 30 per vehicle, depending on the time of year). Should be not skipping this in the list of things to do in sedona for sure.


Tlaquepaque is a commercial area in the center of Sedona, perfectly reconstructing a typical Mexican town: fountains, arches, patios, flowered and tree-lined squares . The shopping mall hosts many shops for local and Indian products, as well as restaurants.

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

Robbers Roost

Important to realize ,Robbers Roost is a natural cavity located west of Sedona. From Sedona, take US89A West, then after 10 miles, turn right onto Forest Road 525, a track that will lead you after 14 miles to the parking lot from where the short hike to Robbers Roost starts. Many tracks cross the sector, a GPS is advised not to get lost. If you do not have one, prepare your route carefully and locate the branch lines to take, map to support.

In the last mile, after leaving runway 525, is particularly difficult: it goes up, there are huge stones and deep ruts. A vehicle with good ground clearance is mandatory. If you do not have one, park along track 525 and reach the start of the trail on foot (which will add 2 miles of walking in total).

Generally speaking the trail is easy to follow and does not offer any particular difficulty. There is indeed a passage on the mountainside, but nothing nasty. After 20 minutes you will reach Robbers Roost, a small cave dug in the rock. In fact There is even a small round window to admire the landscape stretching as far as the eye can see.

Obviously it’s the perfect place to hide, which would have been the case for a few bandits raging in the region, which earned its name.